5 Reasons To Fall in Love with Vis, Croatia

To reach the sun-kissed Croatian island of Vis you need to hop on the ferry from Split. Vis Island is the furthermost island from the Croatian coastline and is within close proximity to Italy. Due to its location, Vis typically attracts travellers who have done a little research who are on a Croatia multi-centre holiday. If you’re willing to make an extra effort to go the distance, you will discover many reasons to fall in love with beautiful Vis.

Breathtaking Beaches

Not all stunning beaches are stretches of golden sand. Pebble beaches are just as gorgeous. Aside from stunning hidden coves and crystal clear waters, Vis also has fabulous beaches of both pebble and sand. Srebana and Pritišćina beaches are abundant in sculpted pebbles that are warm and soothing to the touch. Lie back and dream about all the things that you will do on your Vis Island escape.

Vis is also great for kayaking. You can take a kayaking tour around Vis Island or explore the coastline by yourself. The island of Ravnik is close enough to reach by kayak, and you can stop off to explore the magical Green Cave. Once inside the cave, you can watch the sun illuminating the sea with ethereal green light.  Along the south coast of the island you can kayak close to the dramatic cliffs, and continue on to secluded caves and beaches that are not accessible on foot.

Vis, Croatia

Local Wine

Everyone on the island of Vis is passionate about the local wine. The lush grapevines that cover areas of the island provide a blanket of greenery in the summer. In late September it’s a grape picking frenzy, as everyone gets involved in harvesting the grapes. Some of the most exclusive wines in Croatia are produced on Vis. This is the only island where the white Vugava grape can be found. Our Unforgettable Croatia specialists can arrange a fantastic wine-tasting experience for you.

History & Culture

Vis is the oldest established island in Dalmatia, and was founded in 397 BC. It was originally given the Latin name of Issa. Vis Island has a strong military history. The British army had a base here during WW2, and the Yugoslav army closed the island off to the public for 30 years. Due to the fact that Vis was a hidden secret for so long it has enabled the island to maintain many traditions, and is relatively unspoiled by the effects of tourism.

Island Produce

Vis is abundant in fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and seafood all year round. Early spring is the time to feast on wild asparagus, artichoke, broad beans, walnuts and juicy plums. Summer offers delicious tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, watermelon, apricots and peaches. Sardine season also begins in the summer. In the autumn, you can hunt for mushrooms and truffles, fish for squid, and pick oranges, pomegranates and lemons directly off the trees. To complement your rich pickings, you can buy the local olive oil, honey, wine and grappas.

The Pace of Life

Island life on Vis is slow-paced and laid back. The local phrase of “pomalo pomalo” (meaning slowly, slowly) perfectly sums up the attitude of the inhabitants. When you first arrive in Vis you need time to adjust to island living. The weather, the wind direction, and the sea all dictate the overall pace of everything on the island of Vis. Relax and unwind, because there’s no need to rush when you’re enjoying the beautiful beaches, fabulous food and wine in such historical and stunning surroundings.

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