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Whether it’s discovering hidden coves, medieval towns, or local vineyards, our award-winning luxury small ship cruises are the best way to visit the Dalmatian coast, allowing you to explore the beautiful islands between Dubrovnik and Split. With a fleet of modern, luxury vessels, we offer an intimate cruising experience with just 38 guests on board, taking you to places that larger ships can’t quite reach. 

Our Croatia Cruise Specialists are on hand to match you with the right cruise package, whether you’re looking for adults-only ships, cabins with private balconies, or included excursions. Our ATOL Protected cruise packages include return flights from UK airports accompanied by luxury private transfers and 24/7 in-destination support by our local office in Split.

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Signature Cruises

For the best-in-class Croatia Cruise, choose one of our Signature Cruises. These adult-only cruises offer the most inclusive itineraries on board luxury balcony ships with first-class service.

Croatia Signature Cruises
MS Phoenix

Deluxe Cruises

For outstanding value for money, choose one of our Deluxe Cruises. These cruises offer a fantastic way to sail between Split and Dubrovnik with up to just 38 like-minded guests.

Croatia Deluxe Cruises
MS Aurelia

Cruise & Stay

For longer holidays with both time on the water and land, choose one of our Cruise & Land itineraries. These holidays offer a great blend of sightseeing, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Croatia Cruise & Stay Packages

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What awaits you

Exploring the Adriatic with Unforgettable Croatia is an experience like no other. Your journey will take you to captivating islands and enchanting medieval towns, encountering fascinating individuals and indulging in delectable cuisine and wines. This adventure will craft enduring memories you’ll treasure forever.

Dive into the azure sea

Make the most of Croatia’s famed azure blue waters by enjoying daily swim stops in secluded coves. One of the main benefits of our small ships is they can get to places others can’t. Packed full of water toys and easy-access swim platforms you’ll soon find yourself jumping off the ship to laugh and enjoy this daily ritual.

Join the select few

In contrast to bigger cruise ships, ours provides a more intimate setting, accommodating a maximum of 38 guests. Each of our ships offers ample space, whether it’s for socialising on the sun deck complete with a jacuzzi, dining in the restaurant and bar area, or retreating to spacious cabins with private balconies for some solitude.

Embrace the Croatian culture

There’s lots to see and do in Croatia and that’s why we’ve handpicked the best to ensure you get to embrace the full Croatian culture. Included as standard the on-shore excursions will have you tasting local produce in sought-after wineries and oyster farms, you’ll learn about the fascinating history from local experts and walk through some of the best National Parks in Croatia.

Enjoy the first-class experience

We go the extra mile to guarantee the success of your time with us. Starting with private transfers, and a welcoming 3-course dinner to an informal captain’s dinner with live entertainment. Our seasoned and friendly Cruise Directors meticulously oversee every detail, as we aim to provide such a fantastic experience that you’ll be reluctant to leave.

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Ports of Call

Dubrovnik Product


Dubrovnik has risen to become one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Its UNESCO-listed Old City is embraced by medieval walls adorned with impressive towers, bastions, and casemates, each concealing enchanting wonders within.



Split stands as Croatia’s second-largest city, with origins tracing back to the late 3rd century AD when Roman emperor Diocletian chose this location for his retirement residence. Today, Diocletian’s Palace stands as a colossal complex, boasting some of the world’s best-preserved Roman palatial architecture.

Hvar Town


Hvar, one of Croatia’s most sought-after islands, exudes a cosmopolitan vibe, with its harbor adorned by yachts that attract international jet setters seeking its allure. Legendary beach bars, upscale restaurants, lively nightclubs, and a captivating historic center with medieval architecture define its vibrant atmosphere.

Island of Hvar


Korcula, one of the most captivating islands, boasts dense forests, sandy beaches, olive groves, and vineyards. However, its crowning jewel is the Old Town of Korcula, enclosed by medieval stone walls adorned with ramparts and towers. The cobblestone streets are flanked by Venetian buildings, creating a scene straight out of a storybook.

Island of Korcula
Vis Island

Vis Island

Remaining untouched for 40 years as a military base, the unspoiled island of Vis is a testament to its wonderfully undeveloped charm. Dubbed the ‘Mediterranean as It Once Was,’ visitors can explore Roman bath ruins, savor fine wines from traditional wineries, and wander through Vis Town with its well-preserved architecture.

Island of Vis


Nestled on the Istrian Peninsula in northwest Croatia, the elegant town of Opatija unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of the Učka Mountains. Regarded as the birthplace of tourism on the Croatian coast, it flourished as a popular wellness resort in the 19th century and continues to captivate visitors.


Cruise & Stay Packages

A Cruise & Stay package in Croatia provides a diverse and immersive travel experience, seamlessly combining coastal exploration with cultural immersion. The cruise component offers a unique perspective of the stunning coastline and islands, complemented by onboard entertainment and water-based excursions. Following the dynamic cruise, the stay portion allows for in-depth exploration of inland regions, interaction with locals, and a more relaxed pace. This combination caters to diverse interests, from scenic island hopping to cultural tours and leisurely beach stays.

The flexibility of such packages allows travellers to customize their itineraries, offering convenience, potential cost savings, and a balanced mix of activities. Whether indulging in authentic cuisine, exploring historical sites, or simply unwinding on the beaches, a Cruise & Stay package in Croatia offers the best of both worlds, creating a well-rounded and memorable travel experience.

Cruise & Stay Packages


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Croatia Advice from the Experts

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    The Best Cruises in Croatia

    Embarking on a small ship cruise is one of the best and easiest ways to explore Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. With different routes and cruising options available, you will be able to discover secluded bays, medieval cities, and vast national parks, all on the same holiday. We have rounded up the best cruises so that you can start planning your next trip to Croatia.      
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Which is the best cruise on the Dalmatian Coast?

In our opinion, the best cruise route in Croatia travels between Split and Dubrovnik, and vice versa. These small ship cruises typically run for eight days and seven nights, exploring multiple stunning islands in between. Some of the most popular include Hvar, renowned for its abundant sunshine, beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and world-class dining and nightlife scene. Korcula and its storybook-like Old Town, a mini-Dubrovnik surrounded by 13th-century mediaeval walls, gates, and towers, Mljet with its vibrant greenery and saltwater lakes, and unspoiled Vis, the island for exploring the “Mediterranean as it once was.” You’ll discover charming towns and fascinating historical sites along the coast too. It’s an ideal blend of scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and relaxation.

What should you pack for a cruise in Croatia?

A small ship cruise in Croatia is a carefree getaway. The dress code on our cruise ships is relaxed, casual, and comfortable during the day. In the evening, we suggest smart/casual wear for dining on board, such as the Captain’s Dinner, and also when dining on land. Leisure time for dinners on your own in the destinations visited is provided most nights during the cruise. To maximise the space in your cabin, we recommend that you travel light. It will make things much easier as you won’t have to drag heavy bags through the airport or between the airport and the ship. Ensure that you pack sturdy walking shoes for optimal comfort during sightseeing excursions. Clothes that are suitable for cooler evenings (e.g. a light jacket, sweater, a windbreaker or a similar item) are also a good idea. Don’t forget your swimwear, you might want two bathing suits so that you have one to wear while the other is drying. Your luggage can be easily stored under the beds in the allocated space.

Do small ship cruises cause seasickness?

The Adriatic Sea, where most cruises along the Dalmatian Coast take place, tends to be relatively calm compared to open ocean waters. The sheltered nature of the coastline and the numerous islands protect it from rough seas, reducing the likelihood of seasickness. Plus, the smaller vessels used for our cruises in Croatia travel closer to the shore and are generally more stable than larger ships due to their size. Of course, some individuals are more prone to seasickness than others and there’s no guarantee that rough seas will never be encountered, but the odds are diminished when joining one of our small ship Croatia cruises. 

What are the advantages of choosing a small ship cruise in Croatia over a larger cruise ship?

Choosing a small ship cruise in Croatia over a larger cruise ship offers several distinct advantages. With fewer passengers on board, the experience is more intimate, fostering meaningful interactions and friendships among travellers. With a capacity for thousands of passengers, it would be impossible for the crew to get to know everyone on a first-name basis. But on a small ship cruise, you aren’t just a number. There’s a much higher crew-to-guest ratio, with attention to detail and personalised service emphasised. It enhances the overall guest experience and makes for more authentic exploration, with staff members providing greater insight into the destinations. Our guests can engage in cultural immersion, interact with local communities, and sample regional cuisine for a more rewarding trip. 

Additionally, sailing aboard a small ship provides panoramic views of the stunning Croatian coastline, creating unforgettable moments and nearly endless photo opportunities. Overall, a small ship cruise in Croatia will be a more personalised, immersive, and flexible way to explore this captivating destination.

How many passengers are usually on board a small ship cruise in Croatia?

Our ships hold up to a maximum of 38 guests. Each ship has 18 or 19 cabins across two decks. These cabins can be configured to be double, twin, or triple depending on the ship chosen.

What types of activities and excursions are offered during Croatia small ship cruises?

Passengers can enjoy a diverse range of activities and excursions during our small ship cruises in Croatia. They’re designed to highlight the natural beauty, culture, and cuisine of the Dalmatian Coast. They might include guided walking tours led by local experts, providing insights into the history, architecture, and traditions of charming coastal towns such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar. Wine enthusiasts can indulge in tastings at sought-after wineries along the mainland coast and on the islands, sampling regional varieties while learning about Croatia’s winemaking heritage. For outdoor enthusiasts, opportunities for hiking abound, with excursions to national parks like Krka or Mljet, where scenic trails lead to waterfalls, lakes, and stunning viewpoints. Foodies can savour the flavours of the Adriatic with oyster and mussel tastings, sampling freshly harvested delicacies from local producers. Daily swim stops in secluded coves and crystal-clear waters offer the perfect opportunity to cool off and relax, while also providing opportunities for snorkelling and water sports. 

Are meals included in the cruise package, and what type of cuisine can passengers expect?

Indulge your senses with exceptional gastronomy onboard. Our chef travels right along with us, incorporating local flavours of the region with the freshest, high-quality ingredients to give a true taste of Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisines. 

On the first night onboard you will be invited to join the crew and your fellow guests at a three-course welcome dinner with cocktails. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know one another as we start this amazing voyage together. There is also a Captain’s farewell dinner that not only features mouthwatering fare but enthralling live entertainment.

While onboard you will also enjoy daily buffet breakfasts with a wide range of dishes that include generous fruit selections and three-course lunches. Complimentary tea, coffee, and filtered water will be available throughout the cruise.

What level of comfort and amenities can passengers expect from the cabins on a small ship cruise in Croatia?

All cabins are equipped with double or twin beds, a desk and chair, a mirror, night lamps, a safety deposit box, a radio, a hairdryer, 220 V electric supply, the latest safety equipment that includes a fire alarm, and lifejackets. Soap and shampoo are also supplied. There is plenty of storage space, including a wardrobe for your clothes, and space under the bed for luggage.

Bed linen and bath towels are provided in every cabin with the towels changed every second day. If you require more towels please ask your Cruise Director. Beach towels are not provided.

Cabins situated on the lower deck feature a porthole and a dual ventilation system (in the bathroom and the cabin). Main and upper deck cabins have a cabin window. All cabins are soundproofed and have fireproof doors.

What is the best time of year to go on a small ship cruise in Croatia in terms of weather and crowds?

The best time to go on a small ship cruise in Croatia in terms of weather and crowds is typically during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. In the spring (May and June) and fall (September and October), you’ll encounter milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and more budget-friendly prices as compared to the peak summer months. During these seasons, the weather is generally pleasant with warm temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the coastal towns, islands, and beaches we visit in Croatia. Additionally, you’ll have a better chance of experiencing calm seas and clear skies, enhancing your cruising experience. Avoiding the peak summer months also means fewer tourists will be visiting the popular attractions and more authentic interactions with the locals can often be enjoyed. Overall, spring and fall offer the perfect balance of favourable weather conditions and fewer crowds for a memorable small ship cruise in Croatia.


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