All You Need to Know About a Croatia Cruise

We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions asked by our clients about our small ship cruises in Croatia.
Travel documents

Travel Documents & Currency

British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and American clients do not require a visa for Croatia. South African guests do require a Schengen visa to enter Croatia. Before leaving home, please ensure that your passport has at least six months’ validity and your visa (if required) is also valid. You should also organise travel insurance.

Croatia uses Euros. Payments in Euros are required for all purchases on shore and on the ship. We suggest taking enough Euros with you to cover meals in restaurants in some of the smaller islands. In Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar you will be able to use your credit cards and also withdraw funds from ATM’s. You Cruise Director will gladly direct you to exchange offices and ATM machines. Credit cards are not accepted on board the ship.


Tipping & Clothing Suggestions

Tips are not included in your cruise price, but are a voluntary way of showing satisfaction for good service the crew provide. At the end of the cruise, the captain will leave 2 envelopes in your cabin, one envelope for the crew and one envelope for the Cruise Director. We suggest leaving a tip of approx. €100 for the crew and approx. €50 for the Cruise Director. Please note this is per cabin and not per person.

Dress code on our cruises is casual and comfortable during the day. We suggest smart/casual evening wear for the Captain’s Dinner and for eating out on land.

Due to limited space in your cabin we recommend you try and pack lightly, we appreciate this might be harder for our guests coming from longer haul destinations. It is also advised to bring sturdy walking shoes for sightseeing excursions. We also recommend bringing some clothes for possible cooler evenings (e.g. windbreaker, light jacket or similar). Suitcases can be stored in the allocated space under the beds.

Food onboard

Food and Drinks Onboard

Dishes served are a combination of Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine, to give our guests an authentic taste of typical Croatian cuisine. A selection of complimentary fresh fruit is available all day long. We serve full continental breakfast buffet style from 7 to 9 a.m. along with alternating warm dishes, such as omelettes, scrambled eggs and bacon. Lunch and dinners have multiple courses, which often include fish, chicken, pasta or seafood.

Guests are kindly asked to inform the Unforgettable Croatia team as soon as possible of any dietary preferences, such as diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Our galley team will make reasonable efforts to accommodate these requests.

There is a bar on board which operates in the salon with regular opening hours of 7am – 11pm. There you can find a wide selection of soft drinks, warm drinks, bottled water, local quality wines bottled and beers to sip while enjoying the view.


Cabin Equipment, Guest Mix

Bed linen and bath towels are provided. Towels are changed every second day, or if needed more just ask our Cruise Director. Beach towels are not provided.

Cabins are equipped with double or twin beds with wooden wallboards, working table, chair, mirror, night lamps, safety deposit box, radio, hair dryer, shampoo, soap 220 V electric supply, lifejacket, wardrobe and luggage space under bed, as well as the latest safety and fire alarm equipment.

Cabins on the lower deck have porthole and dual ventilation system (one in bathroom and one in cabin) while main and upper deck cabins have a cabin window. Cabins are sound-proof and have fire-proof doors.


European Plug

Water & Electricity

Even though the tap water on board is of good quality, we would not recommend you to drink it on board or anywhere on your route. Bottled water is provided on board.

Electrical current on board is European of 220 volts. Plugs you will find in cabins have two round pins of 4.8 mm in diameter. In order to use any appliances (e.g. shavers, battery chargers, etc.) you should bring 2 things; 1) A Universal Transfomer to convert the power if your device does not support 220 volts power 2) Universal Adapter Plugs for sockets if they differ from the ones in your country.

During your cruise you will be given the opportunity to purchase drinks on board and charge them to your cabin. Your bar bill will need to be settled in cash at the end of your cruise. The ship does not have credit card facilities on board, so only cash is accepted. You will be able to use a local ATM upon arrival to withdraw cash if required.

Wifi cruise

Wifi & Noise Levels

We are glad we can offer our guests the convenience of free Wi-Fi on board. Please note that Internet connection used is cellular service, and connection might be unreliable during some stages of the cruise. For that reason reception sometimes might not be possible or connection speeds might drop. Skype calls will work in bigger towns along the route. Connection provided is best used for checking email or accessing news portals, we recommend downloading files or video streaming on some other occasion. Wi-Fi connection can be accessed in the salon or from the rear lounge.

As the boat is explicitly acoustic all guests are asked to behave accordingly and respect the night peace that officially starts at midnight. Since the boat will be docking for the night in ports of call of varying liveliness and buzz, especially in the months of July and August, you can expect a certain level of noise coming from the shore and other boats in the harbour. Noise level usually drops by 12:00pm. Still, sometimes there are festivities such as Patron Saint’s Day or summer festivals, which often last long into the night. Since the air conditioning runs for the whole night, you will be able to sleep behind closed windows.

Swimming in Croatia

Swimming Opportunities & Maritime Law

Depending on weather and season, there will be several stops during the cruise in secluded and peaceful bays where the boat will drop anchor. It is an opportunity for you to experience swimming off the back of the boat. There are two showers and ladders for easy climbing. Guests who prefer to swim off the beach will also have ample opportunities to do so during the cruise, since the boat will often be docking close to beaches which are easy to reach on foot.

The Captain is responsible for the ultimate safety and comfort of the vessel and its passengers. It is within the Captain’s jurisdiction to change the sequence of stops and ports if necessary due to inclement weather conditions, high or low water levels, dock and lock schedules, technical reasons etc. The Captain has the right to remove unruly passengers, quarantine the ship in case of disease and similar. Therefore, although unlikely, certain changes in schedules may happen. Though we expect to provide sightseeing of all of the major attractions listed in our cruise programs, there is always a possibility that the sequence of touring may be altered to take into account the operating hours at museums, galleries and monuments. Shore excursions may be changed in response to sailing conditions and other factors.

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