Six Reasons to go on a Croatia Cruise

One of the reasons that Croatia is popular with holidaymakers is it’s spectacular coastline. The best way to explore the coast is on an island-hopping Croatia cruise

Island-hopping cruises in Croatia

Korcula town

One of the reasons that Croatia is popular with holidaymakers is it’s spectacular coastline. The Adriatic Sea is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea. On one side it’s enclosed by Italy and on the other, Croatia. On Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, you will find many of the country’s principal touristic cities like Split and Dubrovnik, as well as over 1,000 islands.

The best way to explore the coast is on an island-hopping Croatia cruise. One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia is Mljet which has within it, two saltwater lakes. You can take a small local boat to the centre of the larger lake and discover an ancient monastery there atop a tiny inner island. Or perhaps the island of Korcula will be your favourite. Here you can explore the old town and the Cathedral of St Mark, sip on a glass of locally-made Grk white wine or taste honey made on a farm in the centre of the island.

Our Croatia travel agents are at the end of the phone if you want to find out more about a cruise in Croatia.

It’s full of history and culture

Split harbour
Dubrovnik old town

If you try a Croatia cruise between Split and Dubrovnik, you are sure to be astonished by these ancient cities’ wonders. Dubrovnik’s mighty fortress sits proudly atop the cliffs with a sheer drop from the top of its thick stone walls to the bright blue sea below. The inner city’s Old Town is home to countless independent shops as well as lots of trendy bars and restaurants (call us on 020 8004 2345 for our top recommendations). Around the city are more breath-taking ancient buildings like the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, the domed Cathedral of the Assumption and the bell tower of the Franciscan Monastery and Museum.

One of Split’s main attractions is the wonderful Diocletian’s Palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in about the fourth century AD. Today it forms about half of Split’s Old Town. Cross it’s threshold through a large archway, leaving the sunny, palm-lined promenade behind you, and enter a cool underground area, once used for Diocletian’s garrison. Today you’ll discover many market traders selling handmade trinkets.

All of our Croatia cruises visit Split and/or Dubrovnik and have a city tours included. All of our tour guides are local to the area and are fluent in English.

It’s still relatively undiscovered – but it’s popularity is on the rise

Split, Diocletian's Palace, Unforgettable Croatia
Sea kayaking Dubrovnik

Croatia Week recently reported that there’s been a 12% increase in the number of people who visited Croatia between January and June in 2018, compared with same period of time in 2017. Whilst this is great news for Croatia’s economy, we suggest getting ahead of the crowd and booking your holiday to Croatia today, before the rest of the world catches wind of the idea.

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You can take the path less travelled by

Zadar panorama

If you’ve not been to Croatia, then Dubrovnik’s stunning medieval fortress really is a must-see. However, if, like us, you’re looking to discover something new, we’d recommend a Kvarner Islands Cruise. Leave the busy hubs of Split and Dubrovnik behind and set sail from Optija in the Northern Dalmatian Sea. This seaside city sees just as much sunshine as the south, but fewer people are privy to its cool riviera bars and ancient royal villas. On a Croatia cruise in the Kvarner Islands, you will sail in deluxe comfort to Brac, Croatia’s largest island. Discover tranquil forests, quiet pebble beaches and traditional fishing ports.

A Kvarner Islands cruise takes in many quieter islands as well as the artistic centre of Zadar. You can see the full itinerary here. Call our Croatia travel experts today to plan a fantastic Croatia cruise.

You’ll love our small cruise ships

Croatia small cruise ship
Brac Zlatny Rat

Forget what you know about cruise ships. If you automatically think of giant, floating fridges with thousands of people on board, approach our Croatia cruises with an open mind. You’ll discover that a maximum of just 40 other passengers on board and a high ratio of staff to guests. With this comes excellent personal service. The Cruise Director and crew will soon know you by name and know exactly how you like your morning coffee and afternoon cocktail.

Because of the intimate nature of small cruise ships in Croatia, many of our clients come away from their holiday having shared amazing experiences with their fellow passengers. Our Croatia cruises are often the beginning of new lifelong friendships.

You will have truly unforgettable experiences

Vis harbour

It’s our mission to make sure our clients have the best time whilst they are on one of our Croatia cruises. Because of this, we search far and wide for the best and most unique experiences along the coast. For example, did you know that some of the world’s best oysters come from Ston, just 60km along the coast from Dubrovnik? We will organise a professional tasting of these delicious morsels as well as a tour of the farm from which they are harvested.

Another popular experience is wine-tasting. This comes in various guises depending on which Croatia cruise you choose. On a Kvarner Islands cruise, we’ll visit the village of Vrbnik (pictured above) on Krk Island where Žlahtina wine is exclusively made. You can taste varieties of Žlahtina wine at a local vineyard.

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