Island of Brac

Brac Island is equally famous for its excavated limestone quarries, as it is for the idyllic Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) white pebble beach. It also boasts beautiful bays and the production of high quality olive oils. The island features picturesque seaside towns, resorts and villages that show off traditional architecture and scenic beauty spots. Brac is the largest island in central Dalmatia, and is separated from the mainland by the Brac Channel. Its highest peak is Vidova Gora, which measures 778m and is also the highest summit across all of Croatia’s archipelago islands.

The quarries of Brac have been a source of building stone for centuries. Its most famous white stone was used to build the White House in Washington DC, and Split’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage site listed Diocletian’s Palace. Many cathedrals, monasteries and parliament buildings are also constructed from the distinctive white stone that is produced in the town of Pucišca. The island’s natural and historic heritage can be traced back to pre-historic times. Wherever you explore, on the island of Brac, you will discover some kind of hidden gem or treasure. It could be a local landmark attraction, a gorgeous beach, or gastronomy that is traditional and authentic.

The oldest town on the coast of Brac also happens to be one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the island. Bol is a stunning tourist oasis where you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Stretching out over 10km, the white pebbled Zlatni Rat is fringed with swaying forestry, and alters its shape consistently to create a unique landscape. Situated high above the beach are the Kostillo Fortress and the towering Vidova Gora. Stunning examples of historic architecture, dating as far back as the 11th and 12th centuries, are dotted all over the island.

Croatia Private Tours

Discover paradise on Zlatni Rat

The idyllic sun-kissed white pebble beach of Zlatni Rat is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Its unique, ever-changing landscape is a recognisable panorama of the charming little resort town of Bol. The beach constantly alters its shape due to the influence of winds, waves, rapids and sea currents. Find your perfect piece of paradise and top up your tan whilst enjoying stunning ocean views. Water sports activities, like windsurfing and kayaking, are available if you’re feeling active.

Brac rocks

Discover beautiful white stone that built the White House (USA)

Situated in the town of Pucišca, on the Island of Brac, is the famous Klesarska Skola (stonemasonry school). The unique educational institution is where students study the traditional trade and learn how to cut the distinctive white Brac stone using tools that are modelled on those used by the Romans. The white stone from Brac was used in the construction of Split’s iconic Diocletian’s palace and the White House in Washington DC. Visit the school that recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Brac city

Visit the seaside town of Bol

Encircling a compact marina, the quaint fishing town of Bol is a delightful place to visit on a private guided tour or day trip expedition. Meander through the winding streets and admire the pretty houses with pink and purple geraniums on display. Soak up the laidback Mediterranean atmosphere as you explore the local landmark attractions that celebrate the coastal town’s rich history and culture. The seaside promenade with lead you directly to the famous beauty spot of Zlatni Rat beach.

Restaurant Mali Raj

Restaurant Mali Raj is situated in an enviable spot high above Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat. ‘Mali Raj’ translates as ‘Little Paradise’, which perfectly describes its idyllic location. The restaurant specialises in serving traditional Dalmatian food. Sit at one of the shady tables in the picturesque garden and tuck into a selection of Croatian dishes. If you want to try the classic ‘peka’ (meat and veggies cooked in a special pot) you’ll need to place an order 24 hours in advance.

Restaurant Ranc

If you want to enjoy hearty Croatian food with a picturesque view, Restaurant Ranc is the perfect eatery to dine at. The family-run restaurant boasts a menu that features simple and traditional dishes that are packed with flavour. Try the traditional fish soup with a hunk of homemade bread, to experience eating like a local. You can dine inside the cosy interior, or outdoors on the canopied terrace. To taste the best classic slow-cooked and spit-roasted dishes, call ahead and pre-order.

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