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Istria is Croatia’s largest peninsula, and is situated between the Gulfs of Trieste and Kvarner, in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia shares the beautiful heart-shaped peninsula with neighbouring Italy and Slovenia. Running alongside the shimmering turquoise waters is an indented coastline that is studded with picturesque rolling hills, quaint hill top villages and rocky beaches. During the peak summer season, Istria’s stunning coast quickly becomes populated with tourists seeking an idyllic holiday spot.

When exploring the top attractions in Istria, make sure that you visit the historic city of Pula. In the heart of the city sits the well-preserved remains of a vast Roman amphitheatre. The ancient Polensium is transformed into a summer venue for festivals and concerts. To the south of the city, there are pine groves, seaside cafes and pebble beaches. From Pula, you can easily venture to the Brijuni Islands to explore the stunning natural attraction of the National Park. Alternatively, you can escape to the ancient Roman town of Porec, on Istria’s west coast, or wander through the self-proclaimed ‘world’s smallest town’ of Hum. In Vodnjan, you can admire the classic Neo-Baroque architecture of St Blaise’s Church, and its impressive 63m high bell tower, which is modelled on Venice’s St Mark’s Church.

The cuisine style of Istria is every bit as interesting and exciting as its colourful and diverse landscape, and intriguing towns and villages. In many of the local restaurants you can sample gastronomic delights that are made from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, including local wines. As black and white truffles can be found deep in the forests of Motovun, you can expect to find the delicacy on the menu in upscale restaurants. To feast your eyes on the best ocean views whilst dining on great food in Istria, reserve a table in a stylish restaurant in Rovinj or Opatija.

Istria At A Glance

How to get there: Take a flight to Pula airport, flight time is 2hours 22 mins

Population of Istria: 57,460

What to See in Istria: Wine-Tasting near Motovun, Roman Amphitheatre in Pula, St Euphemia’s Church in Rovinj

Towns or islands to visit near Istria: Daytrip to Venice, Mali Losinj, Opatijia

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Twin & Multi Centre Holidays in Dubrovnik

  • Rovinj & Opatija Twin Centre Holiday

    Escape the crowds and discover the best of Istria on this fantastic 2-centre holiday staying in...
    • 7, 10, 14 nights
    • Price From: £1,395
    • Board: B&B
  • Opatija, Rovinj & Pula Multi Centre Holiday

    3 nights in elegant Opatija, 3 nights in charming Rovinj & 2 nights in historic Pula, staying...
    • 7, 10, 14 nights
    • Price From: £1,195
    • Board: B&B
  • Zagreb, Opatija & Rovinj Multi Centre Holiday

    2 nights in historic Zagreb, 2 nights in elegant Opatija & 3 nights in charming Rovinj, staying...
    • 7, 10, 14 nights
    • Price From: £1,195
    • Board: B&B
  • Rovinj and Pula Twin Centre Holiday

    4 nights in charming Rovinj and 3 nights in historic Pula, staying in 4 and 5 star hotels. This...
    • 7, 10, 14 nights
    • Price From: £895
    • Board: B&B
  • Rovinj and Pula Twin Centre Holiday

    4 nights in charming Rovinj and 3 nights in historic Pula, staying in 4 and 5 star hotels. This...
    • 7, 10, 14 nights
    • Price From: £895
    • Board: B&B
  • Pula, Istria, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

    Get Acquainted With Pula’s Heritage

    The picturesque coastal city of Pula is strategically situated on the tip of the beautiful Istria Peninsula. It was founded by the Romans in 177 BC, and later became the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s naval base. On a tour of the city, explore its heritage by visiting the ruins of the impressive amphitheatre that was modelled on the iconic Colosseum of Rome. It’s one of the 6 largest Roman arenas in the world, and Pula’s star attraction.

  • Boljun village, Istria, Unforgettable Croatia, Croatia

    Escape To Picturesque Villages

    While Istria’s cities and towns offer plenty of sightseeing options, it’s the picturesque villages that provide an opportunity to sample authentic Croatian life. Escape to an idyllic hill top village and enjoy breathtaking views of the rural landscape on the way. Visit Groznjan, Zavrsje and Oprtalj. In the ancient walled village of Motovun, sample black and white truffles that are found in nearby forests. Visit in the summer to participate in the annual film festival.

  • Unforgettable Croatia, Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

    Explore Romantic Rovinj

    Once an island, the enchanting fishing port of Rovinj flaunts historic and cultural attractions, beautiful beaches, and an archipelago of 14 islands, situated directly off the mainland. The Old Town boasts three well-preserved historic gates, and cobblestone streets that lead you to the Church of Euphemia. The church’s towering steeple dominates the cobalt blue skyline and acts as a navigation point. To enjoy some quality downtime, venture to the serene pebble beach in Lone Bay.

Restaurants in Istria

  • Molo Restaurant, Opatija, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia

    Restaurant Molo

    Opatija’s Restaurant Molo is a modern café bar that is situated in an enviable spot in the pretty harbour. The airy and spacious interior features contemporary monochrome décor and a laidback vibe. If you prefer, you can dine alfresco and enjoy the scenic waterfront view. On the menu, there is a good selection of fresh fish dishes, along with meat, pasta and salad options. The tempting puddings have a reputation for being delicate and moreish.

  • Molo Restaurant, Unforgettable Croatia, Opatija, Croatia

    Restaurant Ruzmarin

    Restaurant Ruzmarin is one of Opatija’s most popular local eateries. The restaurant is named after the Croatian word for the herb ‘rosemary’ (which also happens to be the symbol for love and friendship), and offers all diners a warm welcome. The interior boasts cosy booths and an open plan area, with décor that is tastefully modern. The menu features many traditional Croatian meat, fish and vegetable specialities, as well as plenty of appetising sharing platters.

Hotels in Istria