The medieval coastal town of Trogir is situated on a tiny island that is connected to the mainland, and Ciovo Island, via a bridge. The heritage and culture of the delightful Dalmatian town is inspired and influenced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. In 1979, in recognition of its unique charm and historic value, Trogir was awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status. You only have to take a walk along the winding cobblestone streets of Trogir to instantly find places of interest. Many of the marble streets in the town’s maze-like centre still feature old-fashioned streetlights that add a touch of romantic atmosphere.

Trogir is encircled by imposing defensive walls and features the well preserved Kamerlengo Castle and tower, along with a variety of elegant Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque palaces and buildings to admire. Its historic Romanesque-Gothic complex is considered to be one of the finest examples in Central Europe. Explore the Old Town and visit St Lawrence’s Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1250, but it wasn’t until the 16th century that its bell tower was finally completed. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed, if you climb to the top of the tower.

As Trogir is conveniently connected to Čiovo Island by a bridge, it’s easy to enjoy an extended exploration on foot. Venture off in search of a secluded bay or beautiful beach and enjoy relaxing time out. The picturesque deserted lagoons of the Pakleni Islands can be reached via boat. Back in Trogir, you can take a tour around the historic harbour and enjoy fabulous views across the seaside promenade. Relax and enjoy a drink or dinner in an elegant café or restaurant, and admire the expensive yachts as they sail by. Trogir is the perfect place to escape to if you want to avoid the crowds in the busy cities and large towns.