The Best Croatia Twin-Centre Holidays For Families

The best Croatia twin-centre holidays for families offer activities to keep youngsters entertained. See our suggestions from island hopping in Hvar to city beaches in Dubrovnik.

Twin Centre Family Holidays in Dubrovnik
Twin Centre Family Holidays in Montenegro

Just because you’ve become a parent it doesn’t mean that holidays have to be a past experience that is no longer a viable option for you. Travelling with children can be enjoyable and rewarding, provided that you find the perfect destination, facilities and amenities. The best Croatia twin-centre holidays for families offer access to a variety of activities that will keep youngsters enthralled, entertained and happy, whatever their age.

Whether your child (or children) is an infant, toddler, young child or teenager, you’ll easily find interesting ways to inspire learning, and to entertain and distract them on a twin-centre holiday in Croatia. Exploring the sand and pebble beaches, visiting museums, and discovering unique attractions are just a few of the ways that you can discover the magic of this popular coastal destination.

Croatia is one of the safest family destinations in Europe. The people are warm and friendly, and will make every effort to communicate with you even if you don’t speak the local lingo. On twin-centre holidays for families in Croatia, you can relax in breathtaking surroundings, whilst your children have an enjoyable time experiencing the history, heritage and culture of this fabulous country.


For Families With Toddlers: Dubrovnik and Sveti Stefan

Travelling with toddlers can sometimes be a challenge, even for the most well-prepared parent. Fortunately, the modern resort hotels in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, and the 5-star islet resort of Sveti Stefan are well equipped with spacious accommodation, child-friendly on-site facilities and access to stunning beaches. Your child’s first holiday experience should be enjoyable for them, and stress-free and unforgettable for you.

On twin-centre holidays for families, parents can relax and enjoy the change of scenery. Croatia is a very family orientated country and the perfect place to enjoy a first holiday experience with your offspring. In Dubrovnik, explore the beautiful Banje beach, located just a short distance from the heart of the magnificent Old Town.

The popular tourist beach’s terrain is a mix of sand and pebble, which is perfect for toddlers that are not yet comfortable walking on the texture of grainy sand, but love to play on the beach. The crystal clear shallow waters are ideal for paddling. For maximum sun protection, you can rent a parasol from the on-site beach club. Alternatively, head for the family-friendly Lapad beach where lifeguards are on duty. The pebble public beach is popular with the locals and features showers, sun loungers and access to a bouncy play area.

In the stunning seaside hideaway resort of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, the sandy beaches are pink in colour! The King’s beach and the Queen’s beach offer exclusive sunbathing and swimming at a fee. You can however, find an idyllic spot for free, at the far end of the beautiful pink beaches.


Twin Centre Holidays in Split
Twin Centre Family Holidays in Croatia

For Families With Young Children: Split and Bol

Holidaying with young children can be a full-on experience, if you don’t have plenty of options with which to keep them happy and entertained. On the best Croatia twin-centre holidays for families you’ll have an abundance of activities to explore. In the charming historic city of Split, you can inspire a young child’s imagination on a walking tour of the magnificent landmark attractions. Visit the Historical Complex of Split and entertain your child with intriguing stories as you explore the grand 4th century Diocletian’s Palace.

Visit the much-loved local landmark attraction of Grgur Ninski for a hands-on experience. The imposing 6ft tall statue is the work of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, and was created in honour of Bishop Gregory of Nin. Legend has it that wishes come true if you rub the statue’s toe.

The urban city centre Bacvice beach is the ideal place to go to with young children when you want to cool off. They can paddle and swim in the shallow waters of the sandy beach, and work off excess energy playing the fun, non-competitive national game of Picigin.

In the picturesque fishermen’s town of Bol, on the island of Brac, you have access to one of the most beautiful and most photographed beaches in Europe. Take a walk along the end of the naturally formed spit of land which changes with the wind and tide. 5km west of Bol is the 15th century Dragon’s Cave. Admire the detailed wall carvings of angels, animals and a fearsome dragon. For an active, family holiday and for stunning stunning views, clamber to the top of Vidova Gora Mt. The trail is easy to follow with red and white trail blazes clearly indicating your path. Take a picnic with you to eat at the conveniently positioned picnic table at the top.

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Twin Centre Holidays in Split
Family Holidays in Croatia

For Families With Teenagers: Split and Hvar

Teenagers mostly just want to know whether there’s wi-fi access at your holiday destination. To encourage them away from their mobile devices, plan an exciting excursion to a unique attraction. From the island of Hvar you can hop aboard a boat to the neighbouring island of Bisevo, to discover the natural phenomenon of the Blue Cave. Extend the water fun, with a thrilling speed boat trip around the spectacular Pakleni islands.

The vibrant nightlife in Hvar is likely to be top of the list of activities that teenagers will happily want to explore. Whilst you relax and enjoy cocktails and dinner in a chic upscale restaurant, teenagers can enjoy some freedom at a beach party in the town that never sleeps. During the high season, Hvar Town becomes the top destination for young people that are looking for lively entertainment. The island boasts a large number of summer beach clubs and seaside bars that play chill-out music with accompanying sunset views. The island is inherently safe and small, so you don’t have to worry too much about them.

In the city of Split, there is a wide range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy as a family, with your teen/s. Swim in the pristine sea and sunbathe on the city beach, or take to the water in a kayak or canoe. You can hire bikes and explore the picturesque countryside by following the marked trails. Or join our optional guided tour to a spectacular scenic Krka National Park, where teens can enjoy a combination of activities, whilst admiring the magnificent waterfalls and taking advantage of the best selfie opportunities.

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