Tipping in Croatia

It’s a question that we get asked a lot: How much should I tip while on holiday in Croatia?

It’s ideal to find this out before you make your trip to avoid feeling like you’re in deep water in an unknown country.

The general rule is tips are appreciated for good service.

One of the best ways to see the country is on one of our small ship Croatia cruises. These vessels, with comfortable cabins for up to 50 guests, are manned by a team of up to 10 people. Each member has a different role and all are instrumental in making sure you have a fabulous time. Throughout your trip, your Cruise Manager will be your main point of contact. He or she is the liaison officer between all your guides in different cities and makes sure the guests are happy and well catered for whilst on board. Come the end of the week and everything has gone to plan, the Cruise Manager will appreciate remuneration.

How much should I tip the Cruise Manager?

We recommend calculating five euros per day for the Cruise Manager. You should give this directly to him at the end of the cruise.

How much should I tip the rest of the crew?

We also recommend tipping each member of the crew five euros for each day of your cruise. The tip for the rest of the crew can go in one envelope. You can give this to your Cruise Manager to pass on.

What about tipping in restaurants and bars?

In restaurants, a discretionary percentage may automatically be added to your bill. Otherwise, it’s normal and polite to tip 10%. If you’re just having a morning coffee of afternoon tea, leaving one or two kunas after a coffee is a safe bet.

Should I tip my tour guide?

There’s no black and white rule for this and tour guides aren’t completely dependent on tips. If you feel that the guide fulfilled the tour well and you enjoyed it, you could hand them five or ten euros.

What about in hotels?

There may be a porter who would carry your bags from the lobby to your room. Porters are often students and appreciate a tip of 20 euros or more.


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