An excellent holiday. Highly recommended.

We had a wonderful holiday cruising on the Dalmatian Coast on MV Infinty this year, 2018.
Graham and the staff of Unforgettablecroatia were attentive and efficient and all the booking plans and paperwork went smoothly. The holiday itself was wonderful. Accomodation, flights and transfers were impeccable.
I can compare it to a similar cruise on the Dalamatian Coast 2 years earlier with Riviera. We felt that the onboard food and excursions and planned trips were superior this time with Unforgettablecroatia, but that the “off the back of the boat swimming” was inferior, possibly due to the ship being larger and not able to get into quiet waters. Two years ago we didn’t have to struggle against strong currents and could always swim ashore because we were anchored so close to it. We also felt that the ships’ crew (MV Admiral) 2 years ago were slightly more friendly although I’m being a bit picky here.
This year’s itinerary tended to waste a lot of time and due to demand and availability of port berths our captain didn’t always get the time of berth that he wanted, or one that suited our itinerary. This wasn’t an issue 2 years ago.
Our tour guide for the cruise this year was good although left us stranded on a couple of occasions, compared to the tour guide we had 2 years ago who was excellent. I noticed also that this year MV Infinity came under the banner of Katerina Cruises and our guide seemed to be employed by them, whereas 2 years ago MV Admiral appeared independent and the guide appeared to be directly employed by Riviera travel. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.
Having said all of the above, we had a wonderful holiday and I can recommend Unforgettablecroatia as a travel agent.