I have already given feedback, but as I think it is important in any service industry one can only learn from feedback.
We have a couple of issues that need dealing with
1. Extra charge for balcony. This balcony looked onto another balcony on another boat as the next boat was stacked up next to ours, and we had no view except of the next boats balcony. This extra charge was misrepresented, and we feel that we were misled.
2. Tea cups were not big enough for us, and as a result we used a great deal of tea bags. Three for breakfast just for 1 person. Cut down on your costs and increase the size of the cup, or provide mugs for those that need one.
3.Although the bed was made in the morning and the duvet folded in half onto the bed, I still had to unfold the Duvet, and make the bed again in the evening.

We owe our very enjoyable trip to the Cruise Director, Hrvoje Sarun who had humour, was concientous and caring, and knowledgeable.

We have asked for further info on the same trip you offer in other places, but have heard nothing as yet.