Coronavirus Update

Sail Safe with Unforgettable Croatia


Welcome to Unforgettable Croatia, we are the largest luxury small ship cruise company in Croatia. With offices in New York, London and Split we welcome guests from around the world on our new luxury ships. We offer multi-award winning service which extends from our friendly Croatia travel experts to our local ground staff and friendly on board crew.

Raising the Standards in Safety & Hygiene in Croatia

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations throughout the travel and airline industry to rethink their procedures to ensure their guests have a safe, healthy experience, including cruise lines. While efforts to contain the coronavirus continue to evolve, Unforgettable Croatia is taking proactive steps to raise the bar when it comes to hygiene and service on board our ships.

The steps outlined below are the measures we and our suppliers are taking to ensure your health and safety is our highest priority from the moment you board our ships, to the day you disembark.

  • Croatia cruise cabin

    Our Cleaning Procedures

    Minimising the spread of any virus is best accomplished by thoroughly disinfecting surfaces. Unforgettable Croatia will be increasing the frequency of regular cleaning, with all common areas cleaned and sanitised at least twice a day using cleaning agents proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Solutions with at least 70 percent alcohol and diluted bleach are known to be effective for eliminating the coronavirus.

    We will ensure that all cabin keys, remote control devices, doorknobs, handrails, light switches, and other surfaces that are frequently touched are disinfected multiple times each day, including all public toilets on the ship. In certain areas like the ship’s salon, surfaces like chairs and desks will be cleaned after each use.

    Daily cabin cleaning service will be provided during all cruises. To maintain social distance, guests will need to leave their cabins while they are thoroughly cleaned and treated with a sanitizer as mentioned above that has been approved for combatting the spread of the coronavirus. Guests who do not want their cabin cleaned daily can refuse if desired. Extra pillows and blankets will no longer be kept in the cabin wardrobes; however, they can be provided upon request.

  • Hand sanitizer

    Onboard Hygiene

    Although personal hygiene recommendations have been published worldwide, due to their importance we will be repeating this information to all guests frequently to ensure safety. Washing your hands often and not touching your face, especially your nose, mouth or eyes is critical for minimizing or halting the spread of COVDID-19 and all other viruses.

    To assist guests further, we are adding the following to every cruise:

    Hand sanitiser. We will make hand sanitiser available at the entrance of the salon, as well as the entrance of the ship. We ask that all guests kindly use it when entering the salon and when embarking or disembarking the ship.

    Disinfecting wipes, soap, and paper towels. We will have these items available in all guest cabins for personal use.

  • Infinity Balcony

    Onboard Air-Conditioning

    All Unforgettable Croatia ships include air-conditioning in the cabins which can be individually controlled. The air-conditioning systems undergoes annual maintenance, with filters cleaned and replaced as necessary.

    As large AC systems may contribute to the spread of viruses, due to COVID-19, we will take additional measures to ensure all units are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. As the cabins have individually controlled air-conditioning, guests can easily turn them off, when not in use.

    To improve air circulation, we will recommend keeping windows and doors in the salon open during breakfast and at lunch. This area will also be organized to allow for social distancing. We will remind guests during their stay to open their cabin windows several times a day when possible for ventilation. Air ionizers will also be added to the restaurant areas of all our vessels. They are known to be highly effective for eliminating all microorganisms, preventing the possibility of an infection.

  • Unforgettable Croatia Covid-19 measures

    Healthcare in Croatia

    Any guests who show signs of a fever or who are feeling unwell will be transported to the shore and to the nearest hospital or medical centre for a health check.

    Healthcare facilities in Croatia are considered to be of a very high standard and in line with EU standards. It’s important to note that healthcare is free to all Croatian citizens with the country benefiting from advanced treatment and the latest technology. There are hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik along with medical centres in Hvar and Korcula. So no matter where you are on the cruise, you are no more than an hour away from the nearest medical facility.

Communities and Marine Life - We Care

As Croatia’s most environmentally friendly cruise line, we are proud of our sustainability initiatives including our partnership with the Blue World Institute.

  • Blue World Institute Croatia

    Supporting the Blue World Institute

    Unforgettable Croatia are donating 10% of our annual profits until 2022 to supporting marine research and conservation in Croatia. Unforgettable Croatia work closely with the Blue World Institute, a non-profit dolphin and turtle research and conservation centre in Losinj. Our donations to the BWI are going to developing a new marine research centre in Losinj and funding additional volunteering projects aimed at studying dolphins and turtles in the Adriatic.

  • Supporting Local Communities

    Supporting Local Communities

    All of our small ship cruises include hand-picked excursions which we have tried, tested and perfected by our team. We aim to introduce our guests to small family run vineyards, traditional family run restaurants and local producers who have a wonderful story to tell and truly value the experience of interacting with our guests.

  • Plastic pollution in the sea

    Eradicating Plastic on our Ships

    As one of Croatia’s largest small ship cruise companies, we are mindful of the impact tourism and cruising can have on the beautiful waters and sealife in the Adriatic. In addition to the work we are doing with the Blue World Institute, we are also committed to reducing the use of all plastics on board our vessels. In 2019 we stopped the use of plastic water bottles, plastic straws and other plastic items on board our privately-operated ships. Guests now have access to filtered water and our highly sought after re-usable water bottles.

  • Ship building in Croatia

    Local Ship Building

    The ships we operate are all locally built in Croatia, at ships yards not far from Split. Unforgettable Croatia supports local captains with investment into the ships to help them get started. Therefore we have a very strong bond with our local captains and their families. The captain, the crew on our vessels and our fantastic ground staff, are all Croatian. Unlike big ocean liners whose proceeds go to corporate firms and hedge funds, the revenue generated from our ships are invested into the local community.