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Popular Destinations in Croatia

  • Dubrovnik Old Town


    The jewel in Croatia’s crown, Dubrovnik is the most beautiful UNESCO-listed sites in the world. Even after severe shelling in 1991, the site of medieval fortress against sparkling sea is amazing. It is brimming with marbled streets, imposing architecture and a host of awe-inspiring defensive walls, churches and palaces.

  • Hvar


    Hvar is known as the island of sunshine, lavender and beautiful turquoise sea. It’s one of top destinations in Croatia, balancing peace and quiet with rich restaurant and entertainment scene. With its numerous beaches, it’s perfect for those wanting a beach holiday, but it’s also a great bite-size destination for those visiting for just a day or two, who like to do some sightseeing and enjoy local cuisine in world-class restaurants.

  • Korcula Old Town form the sea


    Said to be the birth-place of Marco Polo, this small fortified town, ruled by Venetians in the past, has an ingenious layout in the shape of a fishbone, both to prevent the strong winds from chilling the houses in winter and to increase the air circulation in the summer. The outer walls serve as a promenade, offering beautiful views of Pelješac peninsula’s vineyards, perfect for a romantic dinner.