Luxury Multi Centre Croatia Holidays

Our Croatia twin and multi-centre holidays allow you to explore more of the country by combining two, three, or more exciting destinations.

On our Croatia twin-centre holidays, you can discover why Dubrovnik is the UNESCO-listed jewel in Croatia’s crown, wander amongst the beautiful and historic sights of Split, relax on one of the idyllic Adriatic islands and so much more.  Your multi-centre holiday in Croatia could take in stunning countryside, incredible cities, unspoiled beaches, and crystal-clear seas whilst sampling exquisite cuisine, enjoying the vibrant nightlife, and visiting amazing historical sites.

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I love luxury holidays to Croatia for the perfect blend of exquisite coastal beauty, rich cultural experiences, and unparalleled hospitality that create unforgettable moments of indulgence and relaxation.

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What awaits you

Luxury Croatia Holidays offer an exquisite escape, where every detail is tailored to indulge your senses and fulfill your desires. From opulent accommodations to exclusive experiences amidst stunning coastal landscapes, prepare to immerse yourself in the epitome of indulgence and relaxation.

Experience a local touch

Small nuances can transform an ordinary holiday into an extraordinary experience, and it’s our local insights that elevate your journey from good to unforgettable. As seasoned Croatian specialists, we boast intimate ties to top-tier hotels, passionate local guides deeply familiar with their locales, and exclusive experience providers not easily found through a Google search. Should you require assistance during your trip, our dedicated in-location support team is committed to delivering seamless service, ensuring your needs are met at every turn.

Built to your desires

Each of our luxury Croatian holidays is meticulously tailored to suit your preferences, ensuring that your journey is an exquisite reflection of your desires. From the moment you embark on your adventure, every aspect is carefully crafted to provide an unparalleled experience that resonates with your unique tastes and interests. Whether you seek secluded beach retreats, cultural immersion in historic cities, or gourmet culinary experiences, our expert team is dedicated to curating a bespoke itinerary that exceeds your expectations at every turn.

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Where to go in Croatia

Dubrovnik Walls


Imagine a picturesque ancient city enclosed by a medieval wall, with sparkling sea on one side and a scenic mountain on the other. Dubrovnik, often referred to as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, offers a plethora of activities and experiences. From fortresses, cultural heritage sites, culinary delights and a great starting point for our Croatia multi centre holidays.

Diocletian's Palace


Often called a living museum, Split is a perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern living. It is the largest city in Dalmatia, and the second largest city in the country. If you want to experience city life in Mediterranean style, this is the place to be. Split is the perfect starting point for a Croatia twin centre holiday.

Palace of Diocletian has no opening hours, no entrance fees, no queues and no velvet ropes to stay behind. Why? Because this palace is part of the living and breathing heart of the city.

Hvar Town


Hvar is a popular destination for the rich and famous. The island’s largest town, Hvar Town, oozes glitz and glamour. This ancient city has a rich history and keeps amazing its visitors with its beautiful buildings and its Mediterranean charm.

Beyond Hvar’s buzzing nightlife, you will find serene villages, romantic beaches, olive groves, vineyards and unspoilt nature. Farmers are welcoming and proudly let their visitors taste their best wines and olive oils.

Island of Hvar
Korcula Town


Korcula is one of the greenest Dalmatian islands. Along the shore you will find plenty of quiet coves dotted with small pebbly and sandy beaches. Korcula town is the biggest town on the island, offering narrow cobble stone streets and a lovely old square with a beautiful cathedral. It looks a lot like Dubrovnik, smaller but just as charming.

Island of Korcula

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Whatever you want from your dream trip, our team of experts are ready to help

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Croatia FAQs

What are the advantages of booking a multi-centre holiday in Croatia?

Want to enjoy a variety of recreational activities whilst holidaying in a top European destination? Croatia multi-centre holidays offer you unlimited exciting opportunities to take advantage of itinerary excursions, day trips and special events. Join an English speaking local guide and explore the stunning rural countryside, beautiful idyllic islands and historic and cultural city attractions on an unforgettable private tour. For a fully immersive Croatia experience, combine all of the activities listed below:

  • Go island hopping
    Croatia boasts a total of 1244 gorgeous islands and isles in its sprawling archipelago. From the magnificent coastal cities of Dubrovnik and Split, it’s easy to venture out on an exciting adventure to one, or many, of the scenic islands that embellish the calm, turquoise coloured crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Visit a nearby national park
    When you want to escape the tourist crowds in the magnificent historic cities, a day trip to one of the stunning national parks provides a delightful option. Millions of visitors enjoy an excursion to the outstanding natural beauty spots of Croatia every year. In the national parks you can enjoy relaxing recreational and sightseeing activities in breathtaking scenery.
  • Try Croatian peka and the local wine
    One of the best experiences you can enjoy whilst travelling is undoubtedly sampling the delicious local food. On a multi-centre holiday in Croatia you have plenty of opportunities to taste the authentic flavours of the regions and islands. Dine in charming and friendly, family run local restaurants where traditional and diverse Croatian cuisine is inspired by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Turkey. Feast on the classic Dalmatian dish of Peka – meat, seafood or vegetables baked in a pot under a bell-like lid. Pair your menu choice with a glass or two of the local wine.
  • Go on a truffle hunting adventure
    Truffles are considered to be a rare and exquisite delicacy that is highly prized all over the world. Deep in the forests of Istria, you can hunt for delicious black truffles that were first discovered in Croatia over 80 years ago. For a unique Croatia multi-centre holiday experience, join the truffle hunt at the Karlic Tartufi estate.
  • Visit Zagreb’s emerging sights and sounds
    Zagreb is a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city that is brimming with stunning architecture, historic monuments and cultural diversity. The busy urban city centre boasts charming tree-lined streets, and many beautiful parks and open green spaces that offer an opportunity to enjoy tranquillity. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit Jelenovac Forest to explore the winding trails through the oak, beech and acacia trees that populate the 50 hectares of natural wonderland.
How many destinations should I include in my multi-centre holiday in Croatia?

The number of destinations to include in your multi-centre holiday in Croatia depends on your preferences, holiday duration, and the amount of travel you are willing to do. However, we recommended including between two and four destinations to truly experience the diversity and beauty of Croatia.

For a well-rounded experience, you could consider including popular cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb. Dubrovnik offers a stunning coastal setting and rich history, while Split showcases ancient Roman ruins and a vibrant atmosphere. Zagreb, the capital city, provides a blend of historical sites, cultural experiences, and urban charm.

If you have more time and want to explore beyond the cities, you can include additional destinations such as the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park, the picturesque Istrian peninsula with towns like Rovinj or Pula, or the idyllic islands of Hvar or Korčula.

Ultimately, the choice of destinations depends on your interests, desired activities, and the duration of your multi-centre holiday. Consider the time you would like to spend in each location and the travel distances between them to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable itinerary.

Which cities or regions in Croatia are popular choices for multi-centre holidays?

Croatia offers a plethora of cities and regions that are popular choices for multi-centre holidays. Here are some top picks:

  • Dubrovnik: Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik enchants visitors with its well-preserved medieval walls, historic Old Town, and stunning coastal views.
  • Split: Split is famous for its impressive Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This vibrant city offers a blend of ancient history, bustling markets, and a lively atmosphere.
  • Zagreb: As the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is a cultural hub that combines historical landmarks, vibrant squares, and a thriving arts scene. Explore its museums, charming streets, and lively cafes.
  • Istria: The Istrian peninsula is renowned for its picturesque coastal towns like Rovinj and Pula, known for their Venetian architecture, charming old quarters, and delicious cuisine. Istria also offers beautiful landscapes, vineyards, and truffle-rich forests.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonderland of cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and lush forests. It’s an ideal choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Hvar: The island of Hvar is a popular destination for its glamorous nightlife, beautiful beaches, and vibrant atmosphere. Explore its medieval town, enjoy water sports, or simply relax under the Mediterranean sun.
  • Korčula: Korčula island boasts stunning beaches, vineyards, and a well-preserved medieval town. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation, cultural heritage, and scenic beauty.

These cities and regions offer diverse experiences, from historical and cultural immersion to natural beauty and coastal charm. Combining a few of these destinations in your multi-centre holiday allows you to experience the rich tapestry of Croatia’s offerings.

How do I travel between different destinations during a multi-centre holiday in Croatia?

We can offer you various transportation options for traveling between different destinations during your multi-centre holiday in Croatia. Our most popular option is using private transfers where we can arrange for a dedicated driver to pick you up from your hotel and transport you between destinations in a comfortable vehicle.

We also use catamaran and ferries to navigate between the different islands. In the high season, there are regular routes between coastal cities and islands, offering scenic journeys and the chance to explore the stunning Adriatic Sea.

By discussing your travel plans and preferences with us, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the best transportation options available for your multi-centre holiday in Croatia. Our Croatia Team will then handle the logistics, bookings, and ensure you have a seamless travel experience between different destinations.

What are the must-visit attractions or landmarks to include in a multi-centre itinerary in Croatia?

When crafting a multi-centre itinerary in Croatia, there are several must-visit attractions and landmarks that you should consider including. Here are some of the top recommendations:

  • Dubrovnik Old Town: Explore the enchanting medieval walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, visit historical sites like the Dubrovnik Cathedral, Rector’s Palace, and stroll along the picturesque Stradun.
  • Diocletian’s Palace (Split): Immerse yourself in Split’s living history at the remarkable Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discover ancient Roman architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant squares.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: Marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Walk along wooden pathways that meander around stunning waterfalls and turquoise lakes, surrounded by lush forests.
Can I customize my multi-centre holiday in Croatia based on my preferences and interests?

We take pride in offering fully customizable multi-centre holidays in Croatia that provide you with the flexibility and freedom to design an itinerary that perfectly aligns with your preferences, interests, and desired destinations. With our expert guidance and attention to detail, you have the opportunity to craft a personalized journey that reflects your unique travel style, ensuring that every moment of your trip is tailored to create unforgettable memories. From choosing the number of destinations to visit, selecting specific attractions and landmarks, deciding on the duration of your stay in each location, to hand-picking accommodation options that suit your preferences, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you dream of exploring the captivating medieval walls of Dubrovnik, indulging in the vibrant nightlife of Hvar, or immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Plitvice Lakes National Park, we will work closely with you to curate a multi-centre holiday experience that exceeds your expectations.


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