Best Things to See in Vis

One of Croatia’s best kept secrets, if you’re looking for idyllic beaches and unspoiled nature, you’ve found your perfect place on Vis.

Stiniva Bay, Vis
Vis Wineyards

The remote island of Vis is the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland, sitting about midway between Italy and Croatia. Its inaccessibility makes it even more exotic – and, as it was closed off to the public for some 40 years while used as a military base, it’s also largely unspoiled by tourism development. While you might spot celebrities and yachters mingle around the marina, you can easily find your own slice of paradise here. Once you arrive to beautiful Vis, here are the top sights to put on your list.

Stiniva Bay

Stiniva Bay is on the south side of the island, a stunning beach hidden behind towering cliffs, framed by water that ranges from deep sapphire to a brilliant emerald hue. One of the most beautiful in all of Croatia, this stretch of coast opens to the high sea, with erosion forming the magnificent landscape. The water is clean, shallow and so clear, it’s ideal for taking underwater photos, while the massive walls that surround the pebble beach invite you to toss down a beach towel and soak up the view that surrounds you.

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The Wineries

Vis has a rich wine-making history, a tradition that dates back for centuries. As far back as 300 BC a Greek writer wrote about the island’s famous plavac mali, the primary red wine grape grown in the Dalmatian coast region, noting that compared to all others it was the very best wine he’d ever tried. When visiting the wineries here you’ll be able to taste this savoury red along with others, like Vis’ honey-flavoured white called Vugava. Some of the most popular to visit are Pduje, PO Cobo, Podspilje and Lipanovic.

Vis harbour

The Island’s Military History

Experience the island’s military history by taking a Jeep tour that will bring you to many interesting sites related to World War II while it was used as a Yugoslav Army base. You’re likely to see include an atomic shelter, submarine tunnel, radar station, a cave, underground torpedo and ammunition storage areas.

Tito’s Cave

While Tito’s Cave is often explored on a military history Jeep tour, it can be visited easily enough on your own. This was said to be a “hideout” for Tito during the Second World War from June through October 1944. You can visit it along with another one where Yugoslavian Communist Party meetings were held. The larger one with two “rooms” was where Tito purportedly stayed, used as his headquarters to direct diplomatic activities with the Allies and orchestrate operations to liberate Croatia’s islands and coast. One room was his sleeping quarters while the other was outfitted with his phone, a desk and chair.

The View from Hum

Hum is the highest point on the island, sitting at nearly 1,926 feet, providing the perfect spot for a breathtaking view. From here you’ll be able to gaze out at Komiza with its picturesque harbour and charming streets, Bisevo Island and Svetac Island, and the endless blue of the sea. To get there, you can join a hiking tour – a tiny chapel at the top provides a perfect spot to rest with a few afterward. Or, if you’d rather not make the trek, you can rent a scooter for the drive up.

Vis, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia
Blue Cave

Vis Town’s Seaside Promenade

For more things to see in Vis, visit Vis Town, which sits on a protected bay on the island’s northeast side facing Hvar and the Croatian mainland. It was settled by the ancient Greeks in the 4th-century BC and developed as the Dalmatian coast’s urban and economic centre before being passed on to the Romans. The town you see today was built in the 16th-century on the site of a Roman amphitheatre. By taking a stroll along the seaside promenade from the harbour, you can visit its highlights that include Greek and Roman ruins, Renaissance palaces and churches.

Vis Town Archaeological Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of Vis, don’t miss seeing the City Museum in Vis Town, housed inside a 19th-century Austrian fortress. It holds many archaeological treasures, with the most extensive collection of Hellenistic artefacts in the country. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in antiquity through remarkable Greek vases, coins, jewellery and an exquisite 4th-century BC bronze head of the goddess Artemis.

The Blue Cave

If there is one thing that you really shouldn’t miss while on Vis, it’s visiting the world-renowned Blue Cave. Located south-west of Komiza, a boat tour can bring you to experience the magical natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun beams its rays through a crack in the roof’s interior. It reflects off the white limestone sea bottom, illuminating the cave in a surreal brilliant blue glow. Flash photography isn’t permitted, but by switching off the flash mode on your smartphone or camera, you can capture those breathtaking shots.

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